Long black costume gloves

If you’re looking to dress up this Halloween as a 1920’s flapper, you’re going to need a few specific items to carry off that particular look. Among the items needed are a short black fringed and sequined mini dress, novelty pearl necklace, black or colorful boa, a garter, headband and a pair of long black costume gloves. The gloves really do make all the difference and if you add a long, black cigarette holder to the mix you’ll truly sell the look!
Long black costume gloves:
Long black costume gloves
Long black costume gloves pictured:
Left: Long Satin Opera Gloves for dress up, cosplay, photo props
Right: Girls Black Satin Costume Opera Gloves

If you pay very little for these types of gloves, it’s unlikely that they will be of very good quality, However, if you plan on using them just once, on Halloween for example, then a cheap pair may be fine.

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