Locking table hinges

Whether you are looking to add a convenient wall folding table for your workshop, or you’re attempting a DIY project adding a fold-down table in the kitchen to create a quaint eating nook, you are going to need hardware to ensure stability and secured legs: locking table hinges and locking leg braces. These two pieces are relatively easy to install and should help to make your fold-down table project a success.
Locking table hinges:
Locking table hinges - 2
Locking table hinges pictured:
Left: Platte River 115637, Hardware, Table, Folding Table Hardware, Heavy Duty Folding Wooden Leg Fitting, 1 Pair – CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
Right: Posi-Lock Folding Leg Bracket (pair)

The idea of the locking mechanism is that it is there to keep the leg from folding by accident.

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