Lion tamer Halloween costume

If you are looking for a costume that has a circus theme to it, you will have no shortage of choices. Ringmasters, clowns, elephants and tigers or even side-show freaks are all parts of the circus world, and costumes are available depicting all of them. If you are going to a Halloween party as a couple, a fun idea might be to dress up as a lion tamer and a lion. Look for accessories such as whips, top hats and gloves.
Lion tamer Halloween costume:
Lion tamer Halloween costume
Lion tamer Halloween costume pictured:
Left: Men’s Ringmaster Costume, Red, One Size
Middle, top: Hatch WG1000S Cotton Parade Glove with Snap Back (White)
Middle, bottom: 6 Foot Leather Bullwhip Whip
Right: Forum Novelties Men’s Deluxe Adult Satin Top Hat Costume Accessory, Black, One Size

With some of the less expensive costumes what may appear as separate garments are sometimes just one. A shirt front may be sewn into the jacket, for example.

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