Leopard print adult onesie

Leopard prints have always been popular when it comes to fashion. If you like this type of pattern, you’ll be glad to know that pajamas and onesies come in all sorts of animal prints, including giraffe, zebra, and yes, leopard. Since few people see our sleepwear, it is ideal for fun colors and designs that we may not be comfortable wearing in public. Some onesies are the simple union-suit type, while others feature feet, hoods and even ears!
Leopard print adult onesie:
Leopard print adult onesie - 3
Leopard print adult onesies pictured:
1- Ladies Animal Patterned Winter All In One Onesie – currently unavailable
2- PajamaMania Fun Prints Footed One Piece Pajamas
3- Totally Pink Women’s Warm and Cozy Plush Onesie Pajama

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