Leopard pantyhose

If you are looking to accessorize your jungle cat Halloween costume, or want a little “flirtiness” to go with your office wear, a pair of leopard pantyhose can be a fun and sexy look without being over the top. And whether you are buying them online, or at a local retail store, make sure they are either a one size fits all item or that you know your precise measurements, so that you don’t end up with pantyhose that barely cover your thighs.
Leopard pantyhose:
Leopard pantyhose
Leopard pantyhose pictured:
Left: Womens Leopard Design Fishnet Pantyhose One Size Black
Middle: Stella Elyse Leopard Spotted Fishnet Pantyhose Queen Plus Size (Black)
Right: Forum Novelties 63176 80’s Punk Rock Leopard Pantyhose

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