Large plastic boot tray

Boots get wet and they get dirty. If you have simply been putting your boots on the floor when you get home, you know how dirty your entrance can get. To remedy this, you can use a rug or a boot tray. The advantage of the tray is that it will not soak up any water. If you have a large family, you may want to get a large tray, so that everyone will have room for their boots and shoes. These big trays can also be used in the trunk of a car, to keep things clean and dry.
Large plastic boot tray:
Large plastic boot tray
Large plastic boot tray pictured: Jumbo Boot Tray

Large plastic boot tray - b
Large plastic boot tray pictured: Multi-purpose Tray by Alex Carseon, for Boots, Shoes, Paint, Pets, Garden, Laundry, Kitchen, Pantry, Car, Entryway, Garage, Mudroom. Indoor-Outdoor Storage and Floor Protection, Use as Cat Litter Mat or Dog Feeding Mat – 30x15x1.2 inches

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