Kids zombie Halloween costume

Not all kids want to dress up as some kind of scary creature on Halloween, but for those who do, a walking-dead zombie costume should be ideal. Depending on how elaborate you want to get, it’s the kind of costume one could put together oneself: some old ripped clothes with fake blood splattered on them and some gruesome face make-up should suffice for a simple version of the costume. If you want want to see bones and rotting flesh, however, you may want to opt for a store-bought costume.
Kids zombie Halloween costume:
kids zombie halloween costume
Kids zombie Halloween costumes pictured:
Left: California Costumes Toys Rotten to The Core (Childs Costume)
Middle: Skeleton Zombie Costume – Medium
Right: Kids Zombie Costume

If the costume includes ripped clothing or hanging bandages, make sure your child can walk easily and without the risk of stepping and tripping on the costume itself.

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