Kids SWAT team costume

If your little one wants to wear a SWAT team costume for Halloween, there will be plenty to choose from. Whether you go for the jumpsuit-style outfit or a dark blue two-piece uniform, the costume should include some kind of cap or head gear. Also consider getting some accessories, such as plastic guns or clubs, which will probably not be included with the costume you buy.
Kids SWAT team costume:
kids swat team costume
Kids SWAT team costumes pictured:
Left: Kids SWAT (Large (10-12))
Middle: Aeromax Jr. SWAT Suit (Child 6-8)
Right: Kid’s Swat Team Police Costume (Size:Medium 7-10)

Kids SWAT team costume - b
Kids SWAT team costumes pictured:
Left: Exo Swat Costume – Large Size
Right: Youth Helmet Hat – Black SWAT

Some SWAT costumes are more accurate than other – some are made to resemble the real thing, while others take liberties with the design.
Kids SWAT team costume - c
Kids Jr. SWAT Helmet – Child Std.

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