Kids Roman gladiator Halloween costume

A good gladiator costume should include some kind of body armor, a cape, cuffs and a helmet. Sometimes shin guards will be included. Footwear is not included in costumes as a rule, and so to get the whole effect, you will need some sandals – the best are the kind with long straps that go up and around the ankles, but if shin-guards are included with the outfit you buy, then regular sandals should do just fine.
Kids Roman gladiator Halloween costume:
kids roman gladiator Halloween costume
Kids Roman gladiator Halloween costumes pictured:
Left: Gladiator Kids Costume
Middle: California Costumes Toys Gladiator
Right: California Costumes Toys Gladiator

If a helmet-type of headgear is included in the costume, make sure that your child can see properly and that his field of vision is not too impaired, for obvious safety reasons.

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