Kids red onesie

Onesies are kind of similar to union suits, and a classic color for union suits is red. Perhaps that’s why it seems like such a good match for one-piece pajamas. Another factor is the holiday season: we associate red with Christmas, and so if you are offering a onesie as a Xmas present, red is ideal. But onesies are about comfort, so whatever color you get, make sure the fabric is soft, warm, comfy and cozy.
Kids red onesie:
Kids red onesie
Kids red onesies pictured:
1- Big Feet PJs Red Infant – Toddler Fleece Footed Pajamas 12M – 4T
2- Red Cotton Dropseat Pajamas for Boys – currently unavailable
3- Footed Pajamas White Christmas Kids Cotton
4- Red Cotton Dropseat Pajamas for Girls – currently unavailable

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