Kids pirate Halloween costume

No matter what the latest movie or TV show craze is, a good kids pirate Halloween costume can still be the best costume for little boys and girls. If you would rather make your own than buy one, makes sure you have the following: a red or black bandanna, pair of black pants, a white shirt, if you can find a puffy shirt all the better, an eye patch, clip-on hoop earrings, black and red eyeliner for the dark around the eyes and for fake scars, a fake parrot and a fake sword. Make the clothes as disheveled, maybe even some dirt to them and your kids should be good to go as little pirates.
Kids pirate Halloween costume:

Kids pirate Halloween costume pictured:
Left: Rubies Halloween Concepts Children’s Costumes Pirate King – Small
Middle: Pirate Petite Sz 4-6
Right: Pirate Swashbuckler Kids Costume

Some costumes include shoe covers. This can be quite handy if you don’t have footwear that can pass as something a pirate would wear. The covers fit around the child’s legs and go down, over a portion of their shoes. This gives the impression that they are wearing boots. You could Use some face paint to draw a scar on their cheek, and a beard.
Pirate Halloween costumes for children:
Kids pirate Halloween costume - b
Kids pirate Halloween costumes pictured:
Left: Precious Lil’ Pirate Girl’s Costume
Right: InCharacter Costumes, LLC Boys 2-7 Pirate Mate Vest Set

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