Kids mad hatter costume

Since the release of Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland, there has been renewed interest in costumes depicting the various characters of the classic tale. The most popular of the characters by far is the one Johnny Depp portrayed: The Mad Hatter. This is the type of costume well suited not only to the kids that enjoyed the film, but also for any child that likes to get a little wacky at Halloween. And who doesn’t after eating all that candy? The most important and distinctive feature of the costume is, of course, the hat itself, followed by the frizzy wig that matched the character’s personality so well. Look for costumes that also feature the over-sized bow, the checkered vest and the frilly coat sleeves. The Hat and wig can be bought separately if you intend on assembling and making the rest of the costume yourself.
Kids mad hatter costume:

Kids mad hatter costume examples. Pictured:
Left: Mad Hatter Pre-Teen Costume Size 14-16several sizes available.
Middle: Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Hat with Hair, Disney
Right: Mad Hatter Movie Deluxe Costume

Be aware that with some of the less expensive costumes, shirts and vests or jackets are not really separate garments, but in fact one top with the different elements sewn together.

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