Job ticket rack

If you work in a factory, auto repair shop or a general fix-it store, chances are your quite familiar with the industrial grey job ticket rack. A foreman or customer service representative simply logs a work order on a card stock type of paper and places it in one of the rack holders for the workers to know what’s next in-line. These type of racks can also keep a worker’s time punch cards organized and in one central location for efficient time-keeping.
Job ticket rack:
Job ticket rack
Job ticket racks pictured:
Left: Buddy Products Adjustable Time Card Rack, Steel, 17 to 51 Pockets, 6.25 Inch Pocket Height, 4.125 to 12.75 Inch Pocket Width, Gray, (0803-1)
Middle: STEELMASTER Steel Job Ticket and Display Rack, 18 Compartments, 13.5 x 30 x 2 Inches, Beige (270171BEI)
Right: Buddy Products Adjustable Job Ticket Rack, Steel, 11 to 22 Pockets, 7.125 Inch Pocket Height, 6.25 to 12.75 Inch Pocket Width, Gray, (0801-1)

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