iPad holder for car headrest

If, when you are traveling with the entire family, you are tired of constantly hearing “are we there yet!?”, “are we there yet!?”, you might want to consider installing an iPad holder for headrests in your car to keep the kids entertained when on long drives. Much like on a plane, whoever is sitting in the back seats can watch their favorite movies or shows on easily mounted iPad holders that fit snugly onto the back of the seat in front of the viewer.
iPad holder for car headrest:
iPad holder for car headrest
iPad holder for car headrest pictured: iKross Durable 360 Degree Rotation Car Mount Tablet Backseat Headrest Mount Holder for 7 ~ 10.2 inch Tablets: Apple iPad 4, 5, iPad Mini, Acer Iconia Tab W3-810, A1-810; ASUS ME301T, ME172V, ME173X, VivoTab, MemoPad, RT Tab; Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 3, Note 10.1, 8.0, Ativ Tab; Sero 7, Coby Kyros, and more

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