Harlequin Halloween costume

If you are looking for a zany costume to wear to a Halloween party, try on a Harlequin costume. The Harlequin persona is one of fun and a little mischievous, and like a Jester, the costume depicts the character aptly. Be wary though when purchasing such a costume since some feature a full body Spandex suit, while others feature a dress and petticoat. Both version usually do not include footwear, gloves and other accessories. Whatever version you do end up getting, make sure it includes the floppy jester style hat which is essential for the look.
Harlequin Halloween costume:
Harlequin Halloween costume
Harlequin Halloween costumes pictured:
Left: Diamond Jester Adult Costume
Middle: Harlequin Honey Costume (Toddler (3T-4T))
Right: Harlow Quinn Clown Kids Costume

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