Halloween tablecloth

If you’re planning a Halloween party buffet, whether it’s for grown ups or kids, there are a few must-haves needed to make your table a frighteningly successful. A plate or two of scary oozing eye ball candy, cookies cut into spooky shapes, a Halloween spider punch bowl for the center of the table, terrifying hand towels, and whatever else you think would be tastefully scary, all on top of a spooky Halloween table cloth. Let the fun begin.
Halloween tablecloth:

Halloween tablecloth pictured: Heritage Lace Spider Web 60-Inch by 90-Inch Rectangle Tablecloth, Black

There are different types of Halloween-themed tablecloths. Some are more kid-oriented, featuring cartoony drawing of pumpkins, black cats, ghost and ghouls, and the more subtle kind, which should appeal more to adults.

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