Greece costumes

There are various kinds of Greece costumes to choose from when buying on-line, but making a Greek costume is funner to do. If you want real simple, simply drape a white bed sheet over your body and adjust it to your liking. Wrap a colored scarf around the waist, or better yet, use a golden ribbon to make the costume more authentic looking. Footwear is a bit more complicated. You could go for a plain pair of sandals, but in order to be more accurate, they should have long gold laces that are wrapped around the legs, almost up to the knee. Accessorizing is so easy with bangles from the dollar store. Look for wide golden bracelets that you can wear high up on the arms. And women, you can have fun piling your hair up high and letting curly strands fall down to your shoulders. Or you could simply get a Greek goddess style wig.
Greece costumes:

Greece costumes pictured:
Left: Fun World Costumes Greek Goddess, Crème/Light Blue, Medium/Large 10-14
Middle: Greek Goddess Child Costume Size Medium (8-10)other sizes available.
Right: Greek Emperor Adult Costume

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