Gladiator costume accessories

Whether for Halloween, a toga party or any costume party, to take your gladiator costume to the next level, you’ll want to get some accessories, and there are plenty to choose from: the belt-apron, arm guards, shin guards, sandals with straps that go up the ankle, chest plates, swords, shields, and helmets. A tunic alone may get the Roman look across, but without the extras, it just won’t have the same impact.
Gladiator costume accessories:
gladiator costume accessories
Gladiator costume accessories pictured:
Left: Jacobson Hat Company Roman Helmet Gold With Red Feathers
Middle: Rubies Long Roman Costume Sword
Right: Rubie’s Costume Men’s Roman Apron and Belt Accessory, Multicolor, One Size

Accessories for gladiator costumes:
gladiator costume accessories - b
Left: Roman Leg Guards Adult (One Size)
Right: Roman Arm Guards – One Size

For this type of costume, footwear is especially important, so make sure you are wearing sandals.

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