Girls leopard costume

If your little girl loves cats and felines in general, a good idea for a costume this Halloween could be a leopard or tiger costume. Some of these costumes are kind of like a onesie or a bodysuit, in that they cover the whole body. Depending on the thickness of the material, this might help keep your little one warm when she is out trick-or-treating. Other costume will come as separate shirts and pants or skirts, the advantage there being that the individual garments could be used the rest of the year.
Girls leopard costume:
Girls leopard costume
Girls leopard costumes pictured:
Left: Girl’s Cheetah Cat Kids Costume
Middle: Child Pretty Leopard (Small)
Right: Silly Safari Costume, Leopard Costume

If it is cold on Halloween night, your child will surely hate to cover up her costume in order to stay warm. In this case, a leopard-print jacket or coat would really be an ideal compromise. If the costume you pick includes paw-like hand covers, make sure your little girl can still grip things, like her Halloween treat bag. The same is true of costumes that cover the feet like a onesie, or one that includes shoe covers: make sure your child can walk comfortably and safely while wearing them

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