Geisha Halloween costumes

Geisha Halloween costumes bring a sense of mystery and international flair to any costume or Halloween party. The classic Geisha outfit should include a red Japanese kimono, red slip dress for underneath, a gold or purple belt or sash and oriental decorative fan to wave in front of your face. And for that added touch, Geisha white face base and black eyeliner makeup should be applied along with a black, silky geisha ornamental wig.
Geisha Halloween costumes:

Geisha Halloween costumes pictured:
Left: Adult Geisha Costume (Size:Medium 8-10)
Middle: Geisha Girl Costume Adult
Right: Madame Butterfly Costume

Costumes rarely include footwear, so you will have to get zori sandals – those rectangular flat thong sandals made of straw, and some tabi socks, which separate the big toe from the rest of the toes. You could also get a colorful paper parasol to complete the geisha look.
Geisha Halloween costumes - b
Geisha Halloween costume accessories:
Left: Zori
Middle: Geisha Asian Lady Wig
Right: Asian Japanese Chinese Umbrella Parasol 32in Red 156-4

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