Folding TV tray tables

While eating in front of the TV has long been associated with TV tray tables, they can be used in other ways as well. Relatively inexpensive, they are great for displaying books or photos and can be used as small writing desks for kids. They can also be used to place laptops on and of course, come in handy as the old standby when there are more guests than eating space at the dining room table.
Folding TV tray tables:

Folding tv tray tables pictured: Winsome Wood TV Table Set, Walnut

These tables have come a long way since the fifties, when they were made of cheap metal, and not particularly attractive. These certainly did the job, but today you can get wooden tables with nice finishes in several colors that are as attractive as they are practical. Note that although they are commonly called tray-tables, not all of them necessarily have a tray incorporated in them. In the fifties and sixties, tray tables were metal trays that simply rested on folding legs. Today, this can also be the case, or the table’s top may be permanently attached to the legs.

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