Fold over linen pants

Whether you’re off to the beach, running an errand or two or just wanting to laze about on the patio or in your living room, a pair of fold over linen pants, coupled with a loose fitting shirt and sandals or flip flops makes for a great spring or summer look. Fold over linen pants are both stylish and fashion-wise and make a great alternative to lounge-around sweat pants, while still being casual.
Fold over linen pants:
Fold over linen pants - 2
Fold over linen pants pictured: Tops and Bottoms HS Women’s Wide Leg Loose Fit Linen Pants with Drawstring
Pictured: navy blue and mocha

Fold over linen pants - b
Beachcoco Women’s Fold Over Comfortable Wide Linen Pants in taupe and sea green.

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