Floor-standing towel rack for bathroom

Depending on the size and layout of your bathroom, your shower or bathtub might not be situated near where your towels are located. This can obviously be inconvenient when you go to dry yourself off and you realize that the towels are out of reach. An easy solution to this problem would be to pick up a floor standing towel rack. Then all you would need to do is place the towel rack close to where you are bathing or showering for easy reach.
Floor standing towel rack for bathroom:
floor standing towel rack for bathroom - 3
Floor standing towel rack for bathroom examples. Pictured:
Left: Organize It All Acrylic 3 Bar Towel Rack with Bottom Shelf
Right: Gatco 1355 3-Arm Floor Towel Stand, Satin Nickel

These types of racks are also a quick and easy solution if your bathroom doesn’t have enough (or any) towel bars.

Floor standing towel rack for bathroom - b
Kings Brand Chrome Finish Towel Rack Stand

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