Floating wall shelf brackets

When setting up a floating wall shelf, you need to know what kind of wall you will be drilling the necessary brackets in. The best, and more secure way to set up the shelves is to drill right into a wall stud which you can find easily enough with a stud finder. If you can’t find a wall stud, and you’re dealing with plaster or drywall, installing your floating shelf will require what are called molly plugs, more commonly known as wall anchors. If you’re familiar with all this, then you’re probably safe to move on, if not, consulting a professional to do the job may be for the best.
Floating wall shelf brackets:
Floating wall shelf brackets
Floating wall shelf brackets pictured: Blind Shelf Supports, Pair

A floating shelf are especially striking when it is the only shelf on a wall. If there are more shelves, they should at least be widely separated.

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