Flapper halloween costume

There are plenty of fashion styles from previous decades that look just plain silly to us today. But there are certain styles that, although clearly from another era, still look beautiful. One such style is flapper fashion of the 1920’s. Just look at the wide variety of flapper costumes available, and you’ll see why they are so popular as Halloween outfits: dresses with fringes, boas, and feathers all combine to make fun and feminine costumes. Stockings and shoes are not usually included in costumes, but don’t forget these essential items when shopping.
Flapper Halloween costume:

Flapper Halloween costumes pictured:
Left: In Character Costumes, LLC Women’s Flirty Flapper Costume
Right: Adult Broadway Babe Flapper Costume

You’ll want to do your hair in a style that matches the period, or simply get a wig.
flapper halloween costume - b
Left: Forum Novelties Roaring 20’s Deluxe Black and Silver Flapper Headband, Black/Silver, One Size
Right: Forum Flapper Wig, Black, One Size

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