Fireman playset

If your little guy or gal has taken to that Fireman costume you bought them for Halloween in a big way, why not go the extra mile and buy them a fireman play-set to complete their “role” play. A firemen play set will usually consist of a plastic fireman’s axe, a play fire extinguisher, whistle, goggles, handheld radio and more. In some sets, the majority of the toys will include realistic “action” sounds like sirens and other related sounds.
Fireman playset:
Fireman playset
Fireman playset pictured: Tek Nek Fire Fighter Role Play Set

Fireman playset - b
Left: Aeromax Fire Power Super Soaking Fire Hose with Backpack
Right: 10 Pcs Fireman Gear Firefighter Costume Role Play Toy Set for Kids with Helmet and Accessories

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