Fabric shoe cubby organizer

When trying to organize your shoe collection, you might be tempted to install a wooden shoe rack in your closet to keep everything within reach. However, this type of shoe rack can permanently take up much needed floor space. A better solution would be to purchase a fabric shoe cubby organizer that will easily hang from your closet rod. Most of these style of shoe organizers will hold up to ten pairs of shoes while not taking up a lot of horizontal space. You can also get a similar organizer for boots and hang them side by side or on opposite ends of the closet.
Fabric shoe cubby organizer:
Fabric shoe cubby organizer
Fabric shoe cubby organizers pictured:
left: Honey-Can-Do SHO-01656 10-Pair Shoe Organizer, Storage Cubby, Natural
right: Household Essentials Double Row Hanging 10 Packet Shoe Storage Organizer, Natural Canvas

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