Elvis Presley T-Shirt

One of rock and roll’s most popular and entertaining personalities was Elvis Presley. If you loved the man and his music, celebrate the King by wearing an Elvis Presley tee-shirt. There are many styles of Elvis imagery to choose from. T shirts featuring Elvis’s face, gyrating body shots, album covers, movie posters and even the iconic metallic rhinestone eagle jumpsuit from his Las Vegas days can be found the world over. What better way to say “thank you very much!”
Elvis Presley T-Shirt:

Elvis Presley T-Shirt pictured: Elvis Presley Eagle Jumpsuit Rock Gold Costume T-Shirt

Still another option, if you don’t want a shirt that features Elvis’ name or picture, but would rather be more subtle, you could get a TCB shirt, which stands for “Taking Care of Business”, an expression closely associated with Presley.

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