Disco Halloween costume for women

When disco music started becoming really popular, some people really hated it. It seems silly that people took this so seriously, since today we see disco music as just plain fun. And the clothes people wore were fun too: made of bright shiny fabrics, sparkles, and designed withe really wide bell-bottom legs and sleeves. So brush up on The Hustle and The Bump, and have a blast as a disco diva this Halloween!
Disco Halloween costume for women:
Disco Halloween costume for women
Disco Halloween costumes for women pictured:
Left: Costume Culture Women’s 70’s Foxy Lady Costume
Middle: Dreamgirl Women’s Disco Doll
Right: Discolicious Plus Size Costume (3X-Large)

Because these are costumes, you will find that certain aspects of the clothing are somewhat exaggerated. The width of the pant legs and the size of the collars, for example.

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