Crocodile Halloween costume

A good crocodile costume has to have a proper headpiece. Because of the animal’s extremely elongated jaw, it’s not one of these looks you can achieve with just make-up or with a flat mask. Some outfits feature a sort of hood that just rests on your head, but the effect is not as good as a headpiece from which your head peaks out through the mouth opening. A rubber mask should work even better.
Crocodile Halloween costume:
Crocodile Halloween costume
Crocodile Halloween costumes pictured:
Left: X-advanture Halloween Mask High-quality New Adult Cosplay Animal Latex Crocodile Mask Cartoon Crocodile Costume
Middle: Adult’s Crocodile Halloween Costume (Size: Standard 42-46)
Right: Child’s Crocodile Halloween Costume (Small 4-6)

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