Construction paper organizer

Whether for the home or in the class-room, a construction paper organizer can do just that, organize your colored construction paper for easy accessibility and easy viewing. This way, you know right off the bat where everything is and how much of it you have left. The organizer can also be used for other functions as well, like keeping papers or mail organized and for kids to keep their school work accessible if you need to check out what they did.
Construction paper organizers:
Construction paper organizer
Construction paper organizers pictured:
Top: Childcraft Extra Wide Construction Paper Holder – 29 3/8 x 12 3/4 x 15 inches – Birch
Bottom: Classroom Keeper Construction Paper Storage, 9 x12 inches Unit, 15 Slots, Slots Measure 12.5×9.25×1.5 inches (001310)

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