Cheetah costumes

The only thing cuter than baby animals is children dressed up as cute baby animals. Whether it’s for Halloween, a school play, or a friend’s dress-up party, pre-teens and toddlers look adorable in baby cheetah costumes, baby leopard costumes, baby cow costumes and any other cute animal you can think of. Actually, the only other thing cuter than the costume would be getting them to mimic the sound that the animal they are dressed up as makes. Have a video camera ready to capture the cuteness.
Cheetah costumes:

Cheetah costumes pictured:
Left: Silly Safari Costume, Leopard Costume
Middle: Child’s Leopard Halloween Costume (Medium 8-10)
Right: Child’s Cheetah Cat Girl Halloween Costume (Size: Medium 8-10)

If the costume you get covers your child’s feet, make sure they can walk without slipping or getting otherwise tangled up.

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