Door hanging rack

Whether in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen pantry, if you're having to deal with small or limited storage areas that seem to overflow with clutter, consider using the door to each of these rooms as a means to keep stuff off the floor or from falling Read more [...]

Zipper closet

If you're looking for added closet space, consider a stand alone zipper closet to keep your seasonal wear fresh and ready to be used when needed. Easy to assemble in any room or basement, a coated, steel frame zipper closet can be very convenient for Read more [...]

DVD binder sleeves

Whether you have a stack of DVD's and/or CD's that are taking up too much room, or you have a bunch of DVD-R's and/or CD-R's you need cataloging, a ring binder along with a set of DVD binder sleeves can help keep the clutter down to a minimum while providing Read more [...]