Three-tier entrance shoe rack

If your shoes and boots are piled up haphazardly in the closet or tossed alongside the halls, you may want to invest in a shoe rack. Placed in an entrance, they encourage you to put your footwear neatly on the rack and off the floor, so that you are not Read more [...]

Round cardboard hat boxes

You might think that round cardboard hat boxes are only good for keeping hats stored away in a closet until ready to be worn again, and you would be half right. Hat boxes can also be a great way to keep and store other items like greeting cards, fabrics, Read more [...]

Wrapping paper storage container

If after the holidays, you have a bunch of wrapping paper that you can use again for birthdays or other gift giving holidays, storing it somewhere can be a bit tricky since you might not want to toss the paper in the closet. A simple solution is to buy Read more [...]