Red velvet rope

The next time you throw a party, consider up-scaling the festivities by adding a red carpet strip and a red velvet rope as an entrance barrier for your guests to enter in style. Great for a Oscar night get together or a special birthday party for your Read more [...]

Folding portable bar

If you enjoy entertaining guests in your backyard or by the pool, chances are you've found it a tad irksome to keep going inside the house to mix people drinks. A great way around this is to invest in a folding bar. A portable bar sets up easily where Read more [...]

Stainless steel ice bucket

Whether you are looking to keep your bottle of bubbly chilled just right, or need to have a supply of ice cubes at the ready, rather than always having to go back and forth to the fridge, a stainless steel ice bucket comes in quite handy for just such Read more [...]