3-Slot cable clips

Technology such as tablets, home computers, monitors, smart TV’s, mobile phones
and their respective chargers can be great for keeping connected to the outside
world, not to mention friends and family. The problem is, that with all these
gadgets, cord clutter can really be an eyesore. A simple set of 3 slot cable
clips can help clean things up a lot so that your power cord clutter can be
organized in a tidy fashion and kept out of the way for a cleaner look.
3-Slot cable clips:

3-Slot cable clips pictured: Cable Clips,YOCOU 12 pcs 3-Channel Cable Management System and Cable Organizer Solution for Home and Office,Black and White

White noise sound machine for sleeping

If you have difficulty falling asleep or sleeping soundly, and you’ve gotten the OK from your doctor that it is not a medical condition, you might want to consider investing in a white noise sound machine to help with such sleep issues. The white noise helps to block out distractions inside or outside the home by providing soothing sounds like the ocean, rain and other environmental sonorities, provide a relaxing environment to fall asleep in. And if you have a baby or young children, a white noise machine works the same way with them so that they can sleep soundly through the night.
White noise sound machine for sleeping:

White noise sound machine for sleeping pictured: White Noise Sound Machine Portable Sleep Therapy for Home, Office, Baby & Travel 6 Relaxing & soothing nature sounds, auto off timer by Homedics

Wheelchair iPad mount

While a wheelchair iPad mount certainly comes in handy when dealing with limited mobility, the mount can also be used in a variety of settings that don’t require a wheelchair. Depending on the model, these types of mounts can sometimes be attached to exercise bikes, music stands, van dashboard, mic stands, tables and desks. Just make sure the neck is long enough and adjustable enough for your needs.
Wheelchair iPad mount:
Wheelchair iPad mount
Wheelchair iPad mount pictured: ARKON Heavy Duty Table Desk or Wheelchair Tablet Mount with 12-Inch Neck and C Clamp Base for iPad Air Galaxy Note 10.1 (TAB086-12)