Adult rasta beanie hat

There’s no doubt that a rasta beanie hat can be a cool fashion statement but if you want to keep it in it’s original shape, you’ll need to know how to clean it. If you’re unsure of what kind of material was used to make the hat, go with the safe way of cleaning an item by hand washing it in cold water so that it won’t shrink. You’ll also want to air dry it for the same reason. Hopefully there will be a manufacturer’s tag to explain how to clean, but if not, err on the side of caution.
Adult rasta beanie hat:

Adult rasta beanie hat pictured: RW Classic Rasta Slinky Beanie

Womens camo top

While camo fashion may seem to be more of a macho guy’s thing, women can rock the camo look just as much as any dude. A women’s camo top for example can be matched with a bohemian style of dress like ripped distressed designer jeans, lightweight waist length jackets, leather flats and accessories like a leopard clutch along with a simple necklace. And don’t forget, what you wear on your wrists can have just as dramatic an impact as what you were on the rest of your body. Think thick bracelets and chunky watches.
Womens camo top:

Womens camo tops pictured:
Left: FUNOC Women’s Racerback Casual Strtech Camo Shirts Camouflage Tank Top
Right: HaoDuoYi Womens Camo Camouflage Jersey Longer V Neck Top Tee T Shirt

Womens crew neck long sleeve t-shirt

Like a little black dress, sensible shoes and dark blue blazer, a t-shirt is one of those staple clothing items that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. Now, we’re not talking about your favorite rock band graphic tee but rather one that can act as a base layer or undergarment. And whether you go for a long sleeve t-shirt or one that is short and sheer, keep in mind that it should be appropriate for practically any casual or formal occasion.
Womens crew neck long sleeve t-shirt:

Womens crew neck long sleeve t-shirt pictured: ToBeInStyle Women’s Cotton-Blend Crew-Neck Staple Top with Long Sleeves – black