Waterproof mattress cover

If bed-wetting or incontinence is a problem in your household you may want to look into waterproof mattress covers – if you haven’t already – as a means of protecting the mattresses on which such issues happen. Just remember to do your research first so that you’re familiar with the differences between waterproof and water resistant covers. And as always – even if you’re not going to purchase these covers online – you should read the reviews left by consumers such as yourself so that you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect when these unexpected accidents happen.
Waterproof mattress cover:

Waterproof mattress cover: Utopia Bedding Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector – Vinyl Free – Breathable Fitted Mattress Cover

Navy Blue Sheet Set for Toddlers

When decorating your child’s bedroom, it would be nice if the bedding matched the overall color scheme. As an example, say your child’s bedroom theme is nautical in nature, well then, a navy blue sheet set
would match nicely with the overall color scheme. Pillow cases, the fitted sheet as well as any flat sheets would blend nicely with the room’s decor. Or, if the overall decor was bright colors, a navy blue sheet set would add a nice contrast to the color scheme.
Navy Blue Sheet Set for Toddlers:

Navy Blue Sheet Set for Toddlers pictures: TILLYOU 3-Piece Microfiber Toddler Sheet Set (Navy Blue, Fitted Sheet, Top Flat Sheet and Envelope Pillowcase

Wood toddler bed with side rail

As your baby transitions into becoming a toddler, you may find that it’s time to get rid of his or her crib for a more traditional style bed. A bed that is low to the floor means that your child will be able to get into and out of it easily. And if your child moves around a lot during the night, a protective side rail can provide extra safety, which should help ensure that everyone gets a good nights sleep.
Wood toddler bed with side rail:
Wood toddler bed with side rail
Wood toddler bed with side rail pictured: Oeuf Perch Toddler Bed, Birch/White