Teak shower mat

If you have ever visited a spa, you have no doubt seen, or even stood on, a teak shower mat. Beautiful in design and naturally slip resistant, a teak shower mat can add a touch of elegance to virtually any modern style bathroom. The one caveat though, would be to not use it as a shower mat inside the shower as the water, mixed in with soap and shampoo, might interfere with the slip resistant quality of the mat.
Teak shower mat:

Teak shower mat pictured: SeaTeak Shower Mat, Oiled Finish

Mildew resistant shower curtain

If you find your bathroom towels are smelling like mildew, the problem may not be coming from the towel themselves, but rather the shower curtain. Water drops get trapped in the curtain folds, and cannot evaporate. This eventually creates mildew, the smell of which gets into your towels. One remedy is to make sure you leave your shower curtain open and without folds after a shower, and make sure it dries thoroughly. Another option is to get a mildew resistant shower curtain liner.
Mildew resistant shower curtain:

Mildew resistant shower curtain pictured:
Heavyweight Mildew-resistant Watergard Shower Curtain Liner- Frosty