Plug-in portable food warmer for car

Whether you work on the road as a truck driver, project manager or just traveling the countryside as a modern day nomad, having the ability to enjoy a hot, home cooked meal in your vehicle not only saves you money down the road, but is way healthier for Read more [...]

iPad holder for car headrest

If, when you are traveling with the entire family, you are tired of constantly hearing "are we there yet!?", "are we there yet!?", you might want to consider installing an iPad holder for headrests in your car to keep the kids entertained when on long Read more [...]

Childrens travel tray

If you have ever taken your young child on vacation you know how hard it is to keep them occupied, especially on long trips. A children's travel tray can be safely and easily set up to provide them with a flat surface for coloring or doodling, while two Read more [...]