Self-healing craft cutting mat

If you're using your kitchen, living-room or dining-room table to do quilting, sewing, scrapbooking or any other arts and crafts that require using a knife or other sharp-edged tool, consider saving the top of your tables with a self healing craft cutting Read more [...]

Kids scrapbooking kit

Cutting pictures and sticking stickers are things that some kids just love to do. If your child likes arts and crafts, a good present for them could be a scrapbooking kit. Scrapbooking is the kind of activity that encourages creativity, while at the same Read more [...]

Scrapbooking tote bag

The only thing that really makes scrapbooking totes any different than any other tote bag is that they have several extra pockets. These are useful for separating scissors and other tools from paper and fabric, helping to keep everything organized. However, Read more [...]