Boys vampire Halloween costumes

Within the past ten years or so, there has been a rise in the popularity of Vampire lore as authors like Anne Rice and Stephenie Meyer have assimilated the Vampire into the 21st Century. That being said, the classic Dracula style still looks great as a Vampire Halloween costume and sure to get every young boy excited about going out for trick or treat. Along with the classic look of black pants, white shirt, vest, and black cape with stand up collar and red trim, a little black eye liner and dark makeup around the eyes and cheeks will have your boy looking like the Walking Dead. Oh and don’t forget plastic vampire fangs for his teeth to finish the look.
Boys vampire Halloween costumes:
Boys vampire Halloween costumes
Boys vampire Halloween costumes pictured:
Left: Deluxe Boy’s Midnight Vampire Costume
Middle: Vampire Costume ~ Halloween Costumes ~ Rubies Vampire
Right: Universal Studios Monsters Child’s Dracula Costume, Medium

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