Bollywood Halloween costume

I am already thinking about what costume I will wear for Halloween: A Bollywood costume. I think the best ideas and costumes come from shopping at thrift stores, or second hand stores because that’s where accessories come into play: sparkly gold lame scarves, silky skirts and pants, hand-beaded combs and hair clips. Shop at the dollar stores as well to purchase hair extensions, and fake press-on nails to embellish and elongate the hands, since there will be a lot of dancing going on. Bollywood movies are know for their spectacular dance numbers and beautiful costumes.
Bollywood costume:

Bollywood costume examples. Pictured:
Left: Bollywood Guy Costume Adult – light yellow – Fits up to 44 jacket size
Middle: Bollywood Child Costume
Right: Rubie’s Costume Co Secret Wishes Sexy Bollywood Dancer Costume

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