Blue costume wig

Whether for a Halloween costume party, or you just want to shake things up a bit style wise, a blue costume wig can add variety to your usual look. Now, while you could dye your hair blue, you might not want the color to be that permanent, so it’s probably better to just go with a colored wig when the mood strikes you. Just make sure that the wig’s skull cap fits your head. A smaller size might end up giving you a headache, which would certainly spoil the fun.
Blue costume wig:
Blue costume wig
Blue costume wigs pictured:
1- Rubie’s Costume Adult Mermaid Costume Wig, Blue, One Size
2- Rosallini Blue Synthetic Fiber Hairpiece Bob Hairstyle Shrot Full Wig
3- 39″ Long Straight Costume Play Party Wig (Model: Jf010072),Blue
4- Dark Blue Long Length Anime Costume Cosplay Wig

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