Big beach tote bag

While heading off to the beach for the day might seem like a simple idea, chances are, if you have more than one child to bring with you, you’re going to need to bring a lot of stuff. Sun block, towels, swimwear, toys, reading materials and other relevant items will need to be carried from your home to the car and then to the beach area with hopefully as little fuss as possible. This is where a big beach tote bag or two, stashed away in the car trunk, can come in quite handy so you don’t have to make multiple trips from the car to your chosen spot on the beach.
Big beach tote bag:
Big beach tote bag
Big beach tote bag pictured: Brand and New Sand Away Beach Mesh Bag Tote (Swim, Toys, Boating. Etc.) Stay Away From Sand –Xl Size (17.8”*17.8

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