Bed frame risers

You don’t need to live in a small space to take advantage of bed frame risers. Sure, they help in providing you with extra storage space under the bed, but another use of the bed riser is to make your existing bed look more stylish by not being so low to the ground. Comforters and bed sheets will drape your bed better when your frame is higher and you won’t have to worry about dust bunnies clinging to the bottom of your duvet cover or bed sheets once lifted off the floor.
Bed frame risers:

Bed frame risers pictured:
Left: Raise Its – Clear Furniture Risers 8 pack – For the Bed, Desk, Table or Dresser – Great for Eliminating Back Pain or for Elderly to get in or out of Bed Easier
Right: Black Bed Risers – Set of 8 (Black) (1″ H x 4″ W x 4″ D)

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