Bathroom door organizer

If you have a small bathroom and find that you are always dealing with too little storage space, a door organizer might come in handy. There are a few styles to choose from, but the main idea is that you can hang the organizer behind your bathroom door allowing for more storage space to hold toiletries, cosmetics, slippers, soaps and shampoos, whatever you need to store. And of course, the door organizer can also be used in any other room that needs a little more storage space. Great for closets and such.
Bathroom door organizer:
Bathroom door organizer
Bathroom door organizers pictured:
Left: 15 Pocket over the door room / closet organizer
Right: Southern Enterprise Over-The Door 3-Tier Basket Storage, White

The closest alternative to these kinds of organizers would be shelves mounted on a wall. The mounting process is much easier for door organizers, especially when the over-the-door type is used.

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