Afro costume wig

Whether for men or women, boys or girls, an Afro costume wig can add a nice authentic touch to a Halloween costume that pays tribute to the glitter and glam decade of the 1970’s. Don’t forget to add a large collared shirt, bell bottom jeans, platform shoes and plenty of gold bling in the shape of a peace sign. Another iconic 70’s item you may want to add to your 70’s costume is a pair of large, funky sunglasses a la Elton John or Bootsy Collins.
Afro costume wig:
Afro costume wig
Afro costume wigs pictured:
Top left: Unisex Deluxe Disco Afro Wig Natural Red Adult
Top right: Taobaopit Afro Oversized Wig
Bottom left: California Costumes Men’s Super Jumbo Afro Wig,Black,One Size
Bottom right: Bluw Inc. Giant Afro

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