Adult womens flapper costume

Whether you’re going to a 1920’s themed costume party, or your participating in a murder mystery party, a flapper costume can take you back to a day where the words moll and gams were part of the everyday vernacular. To fully sell the look, make sure you have the right accessories along with the retro looking mini dress. A feathered boa, long colored bead necklace, cigarette holder (even if you don’t smoke) and to top off the look, a flapper headband with single flower or a Cloche flapper hat.
Adult womens flapper costume:
Adult womens flapper costume
Adult womens flapper costumes pictured:
Left: In Character Costumes, LLC Women’s Flirty Flapper Costume
Middle: Red, Size Medium (8-10) – Fringed Fashion Flapper Costume (see related items for accessories)
Right: California Costumes Boop Boop A Doo Teen Dress

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