Adult sexy bunny Halloween costume

The sexy bunny is one of those iconic outfits that is instantly recognizable. But in order for your costume to look right, make sure that you don’t just throw on any leotard. The body of the costume should have some rigidity to it, if you want to be accurate. Look for costumes that are more corset-like, with a well defined shape rather than loose fabric.
Adult sexy bunny Halloween costume:
Adult sexy bunny Halloween costume
Adult sexy bunny Halloween costumes pictured:
1- Authentic Daisy Corsets 6 PC Sexy Tuxedo Bunny Costume
2- Forplay Women’s Haute Hare, Black/White, Medium/Large
3- Leg Avenue – Bunny Blue Adult Costume
4- Club Bunny Sexy Women’s Costume
The costume should come with a collar and some cuffs, a bunny tail and, of course, bunny ears.

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